Title: A Life After

Author: satine01 I'm not the great J.K.Rowling, I own nothing.

Beta reader: LynnGryphon

Rating: maybe R later

Summary: Harry Potter disappeared from the Wizarding World without a sign at the end of the War. He went into the Muggle World and forgot about magic. But some years later, it returns with the death of his fiancée when she gave birth to their son. In the end she confessed that she was a witch and that the boy had a 50 percent chance to be one too. She died without knowing Harry's secret.

Warning and others:

I'm French author and my English is very bad, but I had this idea and I couldn't not write it (Pour les français: je vais publier cette fiction en version fr. plus complète bientôt, ou peut être pas si bientôt que ça => ça me plaît mieux de l'écrire en anglais pour l'instant bien que j'ai déjà les deux premiers chapitres en français au brouillon).

Maybe child death, drama, a little child abuse & violence later, slash story.

I consider only 5 first book of HP.

Chapter 2

"- Was I this oblivious?" asked Harry few minutes later.


Severus frowned.


"- I don't think so," he answered. "That's… I know you very much. I looked after you seven years, after all."


Harry smiled and pushed the door to enter a private room. Julian was still on a couch. Sebastian was near him. Two boys talked and when they've seen two men they smiled. Harry moved near his son, and Severus talked to his.


"- Sebastian, you can't talk about what you know about Harry and Julian when you will be at Hogwarts."


"- I know, father."




Nearly two hours later, Severus, Harry, Sebastian and Julian were ready to go back to the Diagonal Alley.


"- Your son are going to be a bloody Gryffindor," said Severus with a little smile.


Harry and Julian exchange a laugh.


"- I don't think so," said Harry. "He has my Slytherin half."


Severus arched his brown.


"- Excuse me? Your Slytherin half?" he said.


"- Oh, you don't know it, do you? I nearly was put in Slytherin."


Severus gaped on him until they entered the main room of the Leaky Caldron.




Julian looked at Hogwarts Express, then at his father, then again at the train.


"- You're sure you're not going to travel with us?" he asked his father.


"- Yes, I have some little thing to do before going to Hogwarts."


"- Oh, ok."


"- If you felt ill, use Two-Way-Mirror or find a teacher."


"- Yes."




"- Hey, Julian."


The child turned around. He was in a compartment with two other students, Armandeo Weasley and J.T. McGonagall when the door opened and Sebastian came in.


"- Oh, you're with friends?" the young Snape asked, a little interested.


"- Why? You're jealous?" teased Julian with a big smile. "Anyway, there is Armandeo Weasley and J.T. McGonagall. And this one is Sebastian Snape."


They exchange welcome smiles. Sebastian entered the compartment. A blond boy follows him in.


"- This is Jimmy Malfoy."




Minerva McGonagall put the Sorting Hat in front of them. Julian glanced аt the teacher's table. He caught his father's eyes.


"- Evans, Julian."


He heard a 'Good luck, Julian,' near him and stepped under the enchanted Hat.


"- Ohhhhh, interesting. Very interesting. A Potter undercover! But what a Potter. You have very interesting character. But unlike your father you below only to ... SLYTHERIN!"


Julian had a smirk when he took place at the Slytherin table. He looked at his father, who had also a smile. Sebastian exchanged a stunned look with Severus. And the Sorting continued.




"- My, my … Isn't it my favourite teacher's son?" said a rough voice near them.


Julian and Sebastian looked back to find Armandeo Weasley an JT McGonagall glare on them. Jimmy Malfoy, who walked near them stopped with a little smile: those two Gryffindors and Slytherins were friends, but didn't looked like.


"- Hey, Julian, I have a little idea of fun," Armandeo said. "I found in the school registers a name 'Marauders' that remind me a thing my father told me."




"- Next time you want do thing like that, stop it before get caught," Harry said to 5 boys he caught in the middle of school that night. "10 points from each of you."


Julian, Sebastian, Jimmy, Armandeo and JT looked on the floor like it was the most wonderful think in the world.


"- Now, you're going to your common rooms," he finished, but when Julian and Sebastian followed the others, he stopped them. "Not you two. Sebastian, your father is waiting you in yours rooms. Julian, you're staying here."


Few minutes later Julian and Harry were the only ones in the room.


"- hey, Julian, cheer up. I'm not going do anything. I think that your prank was good, but you've not the thing that can help you to not get caught."




"- No way!"


"- He's got you an Invisibility Cloak?!"


"- Oh, we're going to be the kings of the school!"


"- Wicked!"




"- You're little bitch!" a rough voice shout.


Julian was in one of donjons corridors, when he hears that. Immediately he approached.


"- You're going to regret being in Slytherin!"


There were two boys of 2nd year and a girl of his year.


"- There is no place for a Mudblood in Slytherin!"


Julian wanted to tell a "Watch your mouth", but instead, he walked near them and took place between the girl and boys. And when he looked in their eyes, he knew he did a mistake. A huge mistake!



He moaned. That hurts. Oh Great Merlin! He opened his eyes, but regretted it. He was lying in a bed in the whitest room of Hogwarts.


"- Bugger!" he whispered closing his eyes.


"- Language boy!" a voice said near him.


His father's voice. A relieved voice.




"- You were out for tree days. If it wasn't for yours friends, you may be death. Beth McKenath was too terrified to do anything when the students begin "their lesson". Sebastian went from Severus' rooms when he saw you. Mister Malfoy and Armandeo went from other side of corridor. They stoned yours assailants with two stunning spells. Then, when Sebastian went to find Severus and me, you got this seizure which took you in coma for 3 days."


Someone knocked on a door frame and soon a group of students walk they way in the room. Tree Slytherins and two Gryffindors.


Beth was first to approach him. She was shy and blushing.


"- Thank you for what you did;" she said. "I'm…I … That wasn't the first time they did it. Because my parents are muggles and you know how Slytherins are about it."


"- yeah, I know," Julian said with a little look to his father and Severus who entered the room a few minutes before: his father told him that the Slytherin head of house has a Muggle father and when he was at school he wasn't very popular.




Julian explained his illness to his friends. Then he waited theirs reactions.


Armandeo and Jimmy exchanged looks.


"- We knew something was wrong, but not what;" Armandeo said.


"- Yeah, we don't think that it was so…"


Boys looked at Sebastian.


"- I knew it," he said with a frown. "But last time it wasn't that hard."




"- Well, Sebastian," begins Armandeo. "We have something to tell you."


Sebastian looked up from his Potion Book. Armandeo, JT and Jimmy were there. He gives Julian, who was few meters away from them, a look before speaking.


"- And?"


"- Well. We think that… we're not sure… that your father is up to do something."


Sebastian arched a brown.


"- And?"


"- And, it's your father, and we know that he is with good guys, but than we saw his strange behaviours."


Sebastian frowned.


"- Yeah, well, we have to think before do anything."




They were under Julian's Invisibility Cloak in a dark corner of the corridor behind the Potion Master. Being four under the Cloak was difficult. Very difficult.


"- Ouch! That's my foot!"


"- Shhhh!"


Professor Snape was near professor's Evans rooms. Jimmy, JT, Armandeo and Sebastian stopped a few meters near him. All fives attention was on the nearly open door of the apartments and voices they heard here.


"- You have to understand that we were scared to tell you …"


"- No, you have to understand that no matter what, I wanted to find it by you and not by myself!"


"- We were going to tell you!"


"- Does Sebastian know?"


"- No, Severus doesn't…"


But the potion master step in and the DADA teacher stopped. There were few minutes of silence.


"- I'm going to my dorms."


"- Julian! Wait!"


And four boys under Invisibility cloak saw Julian flew off his father apartments.


"- I've screwed it up, haven't I?"


Professor's Evans voice was sad.


"- No, love, he needs to think. He's going to come back."